Saturday, December 27, 2008

Introduction To This Blog


The purpose of this blog is to act as a forum for fans of Rob Schilling to voice our support for him, and our desire for WINA to put "The Schilling Show" back on the air.


Please check out our latest roundup of news items covering the issues described in this article, here.


Over the past year, Rob has done an excellent job as "The Community Watchdog," by hosting "The Schilling Show" on WINA. Prior to that, Rob was co-host of the WINA Morning Show, with Jane Foy, for nearly a year.

The Charlottesville-Albemarle community has benefited enormously from Rob's conservative/libertarian viewpoint, his positive, fair, and insightful voice, his deep knowledge of local politics from his years on the City Council, and his inquisitive interviews. (To learn about Rob's fascinating background, see "About Rob," below).

But on December 19, 2008 --- just six days before Christmas --- WINA canceled "The Schilling Show," without any advance notice or formal explanation.

Apparently, WINA has claimed that this decision was made due to economic factors --- that it is expensive to produce local talk shows, and the station wanted to cut back on its operating costs. Another report indicates that the decision was made at the corporate level by Saga Communications (owner of WINA) --- and that WINA management supported keeping "The Schilling Show" on the air.

While Saga and WINA are private, independent businesses, and as such, can make whatever personnel decisions they want --- the fact is that WINA canceled Rob's one-hour talk show, but left Coy Barefoot's 2-hour, leftist-oriented talk show ("Charlottesville Right Now") intact.

If the real reason was economic, then Saga and WINA could just as easily have given Rob one of the two hours that it now devotes to Coy Barefoot. Instead, WINA removed its only local conservative/libertarian viewpoint.

The fact is that WINA and Saga only earn money as a result of advertising --- which is based on listenership.

Those of us who have looked forward each day to hearing Rob discuss national & local issues, with his inimitable style and the deep preparation he brings to each show, miss him very much.

So, if enough people decide to speak out, to contact WINA and its advertisers, WINA and Saga will definitely feel the impact --- and will hopefully bring Rob back!!!


Please let WINA and Saga Communications know how you feel about their decision to cancel "The Schilling Show."

Here's WINA management's contact info:

Renee Quesenberry, General Manager:
Rick Daniels,
Program Director:
WINA business phone: 220-2300
WINA fax: 220-2304

Mailing Address:
1070 WINA Newsradio
1140 Rose Hill Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Here's Saga Communications' management contact info:
Edward Christian, President & CEO
Phone: 313-886-7070
Fax: 313-886-7150

Steven Goldstein, Executive VP & Group Program Director
Phone: 203-221-1666
Fax: 203-222-9633

Mailing Address:
Saga Communications
Suite 201
73 Kercheval Avenue
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

However you choose to make your voice known, please remember to be courteous, concise and on-target. Those are the types of messages that WINA and Saga will pay attention to.

Please also consider leaving a comment on this blog (click on "Comments" at the bottom of this article). Although anonymous comments are welcome, the most helpful ones will be those that include the writer's name (think of Letters-To-The-Editor). We will periodically be forwarding these comments on to WINA and Saga management.

Let's work together to help convince WINA and Saga to bring back Rob and "The Schilling Show" --- soon!!!

About Rob

A native of southern California, Rob relocated to Charlottesville in 1998 to enjoy what he describes as the idyllic lifestyle of our area. In addition to being an accomplished musician and singer-songwriter, Rob is also a savvy businessman.

In 2002, Rob was elected to the City Council as its lone Republican. A staunch defender of freedom, property rights and responsible, accountable government, Rob tirelessly fought for intelligent financial management and transparency in all City affairs.

In 2006, Rob fought for a controversial elected school board referendum, against seemingly overwhelming opposition, from entrenched political interests. In the end, with Rob's leadership, the measure passed by a significant margin, and local parents have been grateful.

Along with his wife Joan, and their children, Gabriel and Caroline, Rob has made a distinctive and positive contribution to life in Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

Here are some links to learn more about Rob:

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Sing A Psalm By Rob Schilling - A Musical Profile (listen to and buy Rob's music!!!)



  1. This is bogus. Rob was doing a good job and had really interesting interviews. I am going to write WINA and saga and will forward this link to my friends. If we all speak out maybe it will make a difference. thanks.

  2. I support Rob coming back to the airwaves but not to WINA. How about the 4-6 pm slot on WCHV 1260 AM / 94.1FM?

    "The Schilling show has been on for a year–Jan. 7 to Dec. 19, 2008 in the 1pm slot, according to "Bring Back Rob". Before that he sat in for the late Dick Mountjoy in the morning show with Dick and Jane for about a year. On Sep. 4, 2007, without any pre-announcement, Rick Daniels came from 3WV and was the new morning show co-host. WINA lost listeners but WCHV hired conservative Joe Thomas late 2007 for its morning show. It was a good business move for WCHV, whose morning show 5-9am has grown listenership and expanded the talk station to 94.1 FM. Maybe WCHV can find room for Rob and even more listeners and revenue."
    ( My comment to "Schilling's Show Cancelled", Dec. 23, 2008, Cville News )

    "History repeats:

    Bring Back Rob, Sep. 9, 2007

    Rob was also cancelled the first time without notice to the audience. In his final broadcast, Rob talks about this week's shows--of course, before they were cancelled.

    Why does WINA have such disrespect for their listeners and employees? Did WINA think Rob would vandalize or sabotage the studio if cancellation of the show had been announced? Or did they fear an outpouring of calls and support? The WINA website has no mention of Rob, as if he never existed. They treated Michael Savage better and played a notice when he was cancelled for talking about autism.[...]

    ("WINA cancels Rob Schilling again", Dec. 24, 2008)

  3. I am glad the Schilling Show is gone. It was a dull show, and the host proved to me on several occasions that he shows poor judgment. Plus I think he was vicious to those who did not agree with him, and used his power of the airways to mock them.

    My real problem is that WINA shuffled their whole schedule around which included booting out Bill O'Reilly during my drive time. I can't stand Laura Ingram. Charlottesville is just chock full of right wing radio now.

    Time to get SIRIUS and listen Howard Stern all day long. Now THAT'S entertainment.